The Mornings After: Going Back to Work after the Holidays

Transitioning back into ‘work-mode’ from a lengthy holiday vacation is hard, but doable with the right set of strategies. The difficulty lies in getting out of the relaxed habits of the holiday break, and back into the more active routines of a normal workday. So, the first thing you can

College Educational Grants

How to apply for College Educational Grants? Summary: College educational grants enable you to pursue education even if you do not have the financial resources to pay for college. It is not all that difficult to secure a college educational grant if you are motivated enough. There are many different

Procrastination-Every Parents’ Worse Nightmare

Children seem to at times be master procrastinators. They try to make deals with you, beg and plead, and if all else fails, cry, so that you will let them put off what they don’t want to do now for later, and then the same thing happens when you tell

Looking for Study Abroad Information?

What could be cooler than visiting exotic foreign lands to see new sights, meet different people and perhaps learn another language? Pick your fantasy, fancy doing the samba in Rio, sampling sushi in Japan, exploring the wilderness in Africa? Now it neednt remain just a fantasy as a study abroad program (One

How Your Child’s Learning Style Can Impact Study Habits

In order for your child to be successful in school, he or she must do the homework and projects that are assigned, as well as study for all tests and exams, especially in middle and high school. The information being taught during these years is the foundation for academic studies